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“Classical Music”

trolleydodgers-1And with that, the obscenity symphony had begun. Oh, it wasn?t audible. This performance played completely inside my head, conducted by our good friend Mr. Ego. He was lamenting the fact that the walls of pretense had been leveled by the woman sitting across the table. She was right. She was absolutely right. And, it was infuriating!

From the novel Trolley Dodgers.

Carry on, Citizens!


trolleydodgers-1“Maybe I’m aiming too low.”

“Maybe you’re aiming too high.”

“From the looks of your bathroom, I’d say you’re not aiming at anything.”

“Sorry, I meant to clean the place before you got here.”

“Next time I’ll give you a week’s notice.”

“Why a week?”

“There are bacteria in there picketing for better working conditions!”

“I know —they’re never satisfied. Last week it was for longer breaks and holiday pay.”

~from the novel Trolley Dodgers

Carry on, Citizens!

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