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2008 College World Series: Day 9 Roundup

Report #1
Jeff reports from Henry Doorly Zoo (a.k.a. “Omaha Zoo”) in Omaha, Nebraska while waiting for the 2008 College World Series…apparently there’s a lot of “petting” going on and penguins are on the menu.


Report #2
Jeff reports from Zesto’s Ice Cream in Omaha, Nebraska, home of amazing shakes. Just a few hours until game time (2008 College World Series)!


Report #3
The stage is set (Fresno State and Georgia) and tickets are in hand after a fun night with Ticketmaster.


Crean and Crimson

Tom Crean will be officially named head coach at IU tomorrow. Thus ends the circus that was the 2007-2008 season.  I’m thinking of writing a book on the whole thing, but I can’t decide if it should be a comedy or tragedy.  Documenting  the Kelvin Sampson era sounds like a fun book idea, but I need to finish Seven Dead Flamingos and a bunch of other book ideas.

Anyway, as an IU alum, I’m okay with this hire.  I know a few days ago I was advocating Dan Dakich, but I admit it was for more sentimental reasons than anything else.  I think Crean will bring class and dignity to the program. Also, I don’t think the recovery time is going to be as long as people think.  Only 2 of next year’s recruits opted out of their commitments and IU has an exceptional player committed for 2009.  Also, IU fans  might receive a surprise player commitment in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for that!

Finally, I don’t think the sanctions by the NCAA will be too severe. Probably some recruiting restrictions and/or the loss of a scholarship.  Don’t look for a post season ban, since IU self reported and took measures against Sampson.  None of the violations rise to the level of Ohio State (paying a player), Purdue (student loan fraud), or Minnesota (academic fraud). None of those programs received post season bans.

Carry on, Citizens!

Answer: IU Basketball, The Flu, Losing the Blog War

Question: Name three things that made me vomit since my last blog post.

As alert citizen Katie Jenkins pointed out, I haven’t posted since last Thursday. Since that time, I had to suffer through an IU loss in the NCAA Tournament, a nasty bout with the flu, and (due to the flu) a loss in the current blog war with my blog nemesis, Elizabeth. She now has a two game lead on me.

The IU Circus: Comic Relief Supplied by Greenspan and Katz

It’s been a lousy day for IU fans. Our school has been disgraced (again) and a promising basketball season has been derailed by the resignation/termination of Coach Kelvin Sampson. It’s hard to find the silver lining. It’s hard to find anything to smile about. But, that’s my job. So, let me offer for you two comedic gems from today.

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