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Trojans, Titles, and Artichokes

Nature (and apparently college football) abhors a vaccum. And a vaccum is exactly what the BCS Committee created yesterday when they vacated USC’s 2004 Championship. However, being the civic minded person that I am, I’ve declared a new BCS Champion for 2004. Somebody beat Oklahoma, right?

Devo Vs. Michigan’s Fab 5

ESPN is going to roll out another 30 for 30 Documentary this Sunday night. The subject will be Michigan’s Fab 5. Since the Wolverine’s were big rivals of my Indiana Hoosiers, I had zero love for the Fab 5. In fact, I used to have a picture of Devo posted at work with the caption “The Real Fab 5.”

Who was the greater Fab 5? Let’s compare:

March Sadness

I’m half way through our annual NCAA tournament draft and I’m feeling uneasy. In my head I can hear the Darth Vader song from Star Wars playing in the background.  I can hear Darth Packer laughing at me because of my picks.  It’s not looking good.

Every year, I get together with a group of 10-12 guys and we draft players for the NCAA tournament. It’s a much more complex pool than just picking teams.  I’m closing in on a decade of futility in this pool. Ah, I remember the heady days of drafting 2 Florida players for 3 straight years, only to see them lose before the Sweet 16. Then after swearing off Florida players forever, they reel off 2 National Titles.

Who can forget the year I drafted JJ Redick, only to see him toss in a career low. Or, the year I drafted Jeff Newton. Newton? Why didn’t somebody hit me with a few of the 100 chicken wing bones that usually accompany this party? The memories make me want to bludgeon the Syracuse Orange mascot until citrus pulp flows across the Carrier Dome floor. And yes, I’m doing it all over again.

Carry on, Citizens!

The Fool At Forbes

Anyone catch Tom Van Riper’s column in Forbes about the worst cities to be a sports fan? He ranks Indianapolis as the #3 worst city (Miami finished first -or last depending on how you look at it). The formula used to determine the rankings included average winning % of the pro teams, cost for a family of four, and median income.

Okay, if that’s your measure of the worst city in which to be a fan, then fine Indy is third worst. However, I would argue Tom is not a Sports fan. Nope, not even close. I capitalized sports for a reason. Tom is a little “s” sports fan. He confined himself to the 4 major sports at the top level. If you are a Sports fan (and I know most of the Citizens are) then you’re into watching all kinds of sports. And, you can appreciate minor league and amateur sports as well.

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