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The Bendy Straw

Has there ever been a greater invention than the bendy straw? I think not. I love bendy straws. They are the official straw of Citizens everywhere!

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about straws and the uber straw: the bendy!

  1. The earliest known straws were used by the Sumerians to drink beer!
  2. A gold straw was found in a Sumerian tomb dated back to 3,000 BC.
  3. Rye straws were popular until the late 1800’s when Marvin C. Stone invented the paper straw to drink his mint juleps.
  4. Straws reduce tooth decay.
  5. The Bendy Straw was invented by Joseph Friedman in 1937. He got the idea watching his daughter try to drink from a traditional straw at the Varsity Sweet Shop in San Francisco.

So I am declaring today, National Bendy Straw day. There is a Drinking Straw Day on January 3rd. However, the Bendy Straw deserves it’s own day, I tell you! It is one of our greatest American inventions. —along with Lycra apparel, instant replay, and baseball.

Carry on, Citizens!


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