Back At You, Wolf

On Monday, I decided to get even with the Wolf. I called a tree trimming service in town and pretended to be him. I scheduled the removal of all the trees on his property. Then I tried to leave an anonymous message at DWARF headquarters. (Defenders of Wetlands, Animals, Rainforests, and Foliage) Would you believe Maple answered the phone? Thankfully, she didn?t recognize my voice! I told her that a known hater of the environment was on the verge of a mass slaughter of innocent trees and she hit the roof.

?He?s going to do what??

?He?s going to cut down every tree on his property and erect statues that celebrate white male oppression, capitalism, and the burning of fossil fuels.?

?That *&%$. I can?t believe it. He?s in for the fight of his life. We?ll vandalize his house! We?ll vandalize his parent?s house ?assuming he didn?t crawl out from under a rock! That greasy, slimy… ?

She put me on speaker phone so the rest of the DWARF?s could experience the horror. ?Listen up everybody, this is ?what did you say your name was??

?I didn?t.?

?You didn?t??

?No, I didn?t. I think it?s best for me to remain anonymous. He is after all, an attorney.?

All sorts of expletives could be heard coming from DWARF headquarters. Maple proceeded to tell the DWARF?s my story. A major protest was being sketched out on recycled paper. Maple momentarily forgot that I was on the line. It was all I could do to keep from laughing as they plotted their defense of the trees.

?So when is the Arborcide scheduled to take place??

?Tomorrow afternoon,? I said. ?At 1:30. Truelove Tree Service is doing the dirty work. The attorney?s name is Frank Wolf.?

Stereo expletives could now be heard in the background. I realized that I had some common ground with the DWARF?s: They hated the Wolf too! Maple and I, locked in a common struggle against evil? I almost felt bad for bringing her unwittingly into this prank. Almost. Of course, I shouldn?t have been surprised that they hated the Wolf. He once represented a semi-conductor manufacturer that dumped toxic waste into the one of Monroe County?s streams.

Anyway, the mention of the Wolf?s name sealed the deal. They thanked me for the tip and promised me some sort of Druid chant in my honor. I respectfully declined. Then I called another reporter at the Bloomington Times and tipped her off that a major environmental protest would be taking place the next afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon, I pulled in to the Wolf?s neighborhood about four houses down from his. At precisely 1:00 pm, he pulled that puddle shooting van out of the driveway and headed back to his office. Sitting alone in my car, I said ?Bye Wolf. Hope you weren?t too attached to your home.?

At 1:06, the DWARF?s started to arrive. It was a parade of vintage Volkswagen vans ?each complete with rust and dents and tie dye curtains in the windows. Some had as many as fifteen people crammed inside. They covered the Wolf?s yard like ants. Some chained themselves to his trees, while others sprayed graffiti on his house and driveway.

One group formed a circle in his driveway and sat down. They lit candles and began chanting. Maple leaped out of one of the vans. She was wearing a dirty white tunic and carrying a tambourine. She had a crown of flowers in her hair and no shoes on her feet. She skipped and frolicked around the circle while singing and pounding her tambourine. Where was the Times reporter?

My windows were down, so I could hear some of the song, but I didn?t dare move closer because I didn?t want to be spotted. At 1:17 the reporter and Truelove Tree Service arrived simultaneously. The ensuing chaos was purely delicious.

The DWARF?s began a Gregorian chant that nearly caused the tree foreman to wet himself. Emily, the Times reporter had brought two photographers with her. The flashbulbs started popping and the DWARF?s stopped chanting and started yelping. In all my days I?ve never heard a more bizarre chorus.

A group of DWARF?s then proceeded to carry signs with them into the street to block traffic. The tree service guys tried to unload their equipment and the DWARF?s circled their trucks. They locked arms and began to alternate the yelping and chanting. Three tree service men considered the possibility of new careers that afternoon.

The foreman was able to compose himself long enough to call the Wolf?s office. That?s when the real circus began. It only took the Wolf seven minutes to make it from his office to his house. Arriving with him were several Bloomington police cars and a county sheriff. The police were there because the Wolf called them en route. The sheriff was there because the Wolf was doing 80mph in a school zone.

The Wolf barreled out of his van screaming at everybody in sight. Veins in his neck bulged as he shoved DWARF?s, a tree service guy, and even one of the photographers. He demanded an explanation while the deputy sheriff demanded his license and registration. The deputy threatened to cuff the Wolf, so he handed him his license and stomped back to the van for his registration.

The Bloomington police didn?t act immediately ?the yelping threw them off. After a brief huddle, they decided to move the marching protestors out of the street. Surprisingly, they didn?t put up too much of a fight. The marchers moved from the street and onto the sidewalk. They proceeded to march through the neighborhood, walking right past my car. Unfortunately for them, countless years of marijuana smoking had left them directionally impaired. The subdivision, being rather large and having many streets and cul-de-sacs, swallowed them alive. No one knows what happened to the ten marching DWARF?s, but a few days later the Wolf had their van towed.

Meanwhile, the sheriff issued the Wolf a ticket. He could have given him a warning, inasmuch as his house was under siege. But the Wolf had many enemies. Years of burning bridges, bullying prosecutors, and frivolous lawsuits had eroded his fan base to blood relatives and the acquitted.

By now the Wolf?s bulging neck vein was on the verge of rupturing. He turned his attention back to the tree foreman who demanded to be compensated for his time. The Wolf threatened to sue Truelove Tree Service. The foreman threatened to sue the Wolf. The DWARF?s began to realize that this might not have been a ?real? environmental emergency and began to flee.

The Wolf screamed at the Bloomington police to arrest as many of them as possible. In all, seven DWARF?s went to jail that afternoon ?including Maple. I didn?t feel too badly about it though. In the DWARF world, getting arrested during a protest is a badge of honor. The way I saw it, I had furthered their careers as professional dissenters.

The DWARF?s were fined $2,000 dollars for the damages to the Wolf?s property. It took them all of about 20 minutes to pay the fine. (Most of them called their parents and told them they needed money for books.) Truelove Tree Service actually made money on the event. Mr. Truelove also owned Truelove Paint and Hardware. The Wolf agreed to let them paint the house and remove the vandalism from the driveway.

Emily wrote a compelling front page story, accompanied by the many wonderful pictures that were taken. I think the headline speaks volumes about the seriousness of the event:


Back at you, Wolf.

Bonnie and Maple

Klondike?s wife was protesting Klondike. Apparently since the morning in the diner, he had been consumed with the Dodgers. So much so, that he had missed their anniversary the night before. She carried a sign that said ?Keep Frank Lopilato off the Board of Directors.? On the opposite side of the sign, it read ?Ask me Why He?s a Bad Husband.? No one did.

Poor Klondike. He was probably the best husband and father at the meeting. He was faithful, loving, and gentle. However, he was the beleaguered father of five girls. No man can hold up under all that estrogen. It?s just not possible! So when ?guy things? come along (like this) he seemed to lose himself in them.

In her zeal to enact revenge on her husband, Bonnie Lopilato nearly collided with one of the Vegans. This particular Vegan went by the name Maple. Maple loved trees ?and animals unless of course you view humans as animals. Maple once assaulted me when I was writing for the student newspaper. During and interview, I asked how someone who loved trees so much could eat salad with such reckless abandon. I then asked her if she heard the cry of the soybean as it was grotesquely slaughtered and converted into soymilk and other bland tasting products. The one that got me cold-cocked with a cafeteria tray, though, was how could she yank a defenseless, naked carrot from his home, skin him with a grater, and eat him raw without so much human compassion as to numb him first?

That was also when I was kicked off the student newspaper. I was the one who was assaulted! However, vegan sympathy had infiltrated the decision making offices of the Indiana Daily Student. I was an outsider ?a hated meat eater. I had dared expose the plight of the soybean. For my crime I was banished from the student press. To this day, I still here the cry of the soybean.

Anyway, Bonnie inadvertently got up close and personal with Maple. Maple had not been intentionally hygienic for about a week and a half. Bonnie had not been able to keep food down for nearly the same amount of time. (Daughter number six was about to be discovered.) So, the combination of Maple?s aroma and Bonnie?s pregnancy left an unpleasant walking hazard on the sidewalk leading into the Convention Center.

I walked over to Bonnie to see if I could help her. She took my arm and I slowly walked her into the lobby. Every couple of steps, I looked back to see if Maple was following me. I didn?t want to get hit in the head again.

–Trolley Dodgers–


A place I went last weekend –in my head.

20,000 miles to an oasis
20,000 years will I burn
20,000 chances I wasted
Waiting for the moment to turn
I would give my life to find it
I would give it all
Catch me if I fall

Walking through the woods I have faced it
Looking for something to learn
30,000 thoughts have replaced it,
Never in my time to return

I would give my life to find it
I would give it all
Catch me if I fall
All alone
Waiting to fall

40,000 stars in the evening
Look at them fall from the sky
40,000 reasons for living
40,000 tears in your eye

I would give my life to find it
I would give it all
Catch me if I fall


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