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Punting On 3rd Down Or Going For It On 4th

Punting On 3rd Down Or Going For It On 4th

3939446119_e350415ce4Most people who follow football know that you punt on 4th down. The decision to punt can be based on how many yards you still need to reach to get a 1st down, how good the defense is, if you’re trying to preserve a lead, etc. All are very acceptable reasons to punt. I say “acceptable” because punting is quitting. And punting is a strategic quitting to win a larger game.

Google Doodle: Jackie Robinson

Google:Jackie RobinsonjpIn celebration of Jackie Robinson’s 94th birthday, Google is sporting this image today. Although many people know he broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947, few remember that he became America’s first black sports announcer in 1965 on ABC.

I highly recommend What I Learned From Jackie Robinson by Carl Erskine if you’re interested in learning more about Jackie’s impact on the world.

I also recommend Trolley Dodgers if you’re interested in laughing a lot and learning how the Dodgers might have moved to Bloomington, Indiana.

Carry on, Citizens!

One True Fan

Sometimes, it just takes one. One true fan asks a question and starts a chain reaction. Over the years, I’ve had periods when writing was easy and fun and plentiful. Then I have those seasons when the cares of work and life keep me from pursuing that passion.

However, it’s always been there, lurking in the back of my mind. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not writing more. Then I think of the two novels that are more than half way completed and need to be finished. If only there was enough time…

Then one true fan chimes in and says, when are you going to pursue this seriously. When are you going to make the leap? When are you going to follow your dream and take a risk?

Phil Cooke, in his book Jolt recalls a scene from the movie Up In The Air:

“In a powerful scene where he and a new assistant are firing an aging middle manager, Clooney’s character notices on the manager’s resume that he had been trained as a French chef. As the angry manager despairs over losing his job and having to face his wife and kids, Clooney reminds him of his original dream. He asks a remarkable question, the essence of which is, “Back when you started, how much did it take to buy you away from your dream?”

It is a compelling scene as the middle manager thinks back to the time he exchanged a steady paycheck for what he really wanted to do with his life. Now, decades later, he realizes the devastating impact of settling for second best.” ~From Phil Cooke’s Blog

How much are you being paid to give up on your dreams? It’s not enough. You only get 1 ride on this pebble, make it a good one. Find your dream, find one true fan, and do something remarkable.

Carry on, Citzens!

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