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Geographic Oddities

Geographic Oddities

I live in a geographic oddity. A baseball Bermuda Triangle if you will. Indianapolis does not have a Major League Baseball team and hasn’t had one since pre-television. The closest teams are in Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis. That’s two, three, and four hours away, respectively. And that’s what makes this a geographic oddity: Cubs, Reds, and some Cardinals games are regularly blacked out by MLB.TV. It doesn’t matter that I have paid $130 for their premium package. It doesn’t matter that these three teams are hours away.

This doesn’t impact me as much as the rest of my family. I see almost all the Padres games I want. But every time their Cardinals play the Cubs or Reds, they are out of luck. What’s more ridiculous, is that we often can’t get any of these games on cable. Of course, I have a solution to this. If MLB teams want to claim the viewing rights to a city that is more than an hour’s drive from their location, they should be forced to play at least three games per year in that city! Think about that: the Cubs, Reds, and Cardinals playing games in Indianapolis!

Here are a few other geographic oddities for you to ponder:

El Paso, TX is closer to San Diego, CA than it is to Houston, TX.

From City Hall in Samford, CT, you can go due East, due West, due North, or due South, and eventually reach New York.

If you go far enough due South of Buffalo, NY, you will reach the Pacific Ocean.

The “Northwest Angle” of Minnesota can only be reached by land via Canada.

Bolivia maintains a navy, despite having no coastline.

The hotel Arbez Franco Suisse sits directly on the border of Switzerland and France. The line runs through the kitchen, dining room, gift shop, and some of the guest rooms. Pick the right room, and when you go to bed your feet will be in France while your head will be in Switzerland.

Carry on, Citizens!

Random Questions on a Thursday Afternoon

Random Questions on a Thursday Afternoon

People search for their birth mothers and birth fathers. Does anyone ever search for their birth anesthesiologist? Or the person who pitched the placenta?

Why don’t peace activists protest Star Wars?

Kelly Osborne quit Fashion Police because one of her co-stars made fun of the way another person looks. Isn’t Fashion Police a show about making fun of the way people look?

Would The Who had made it as far if they were called The Huh?

How does a dog, who can’t remember that a relative is not a stranger to be barked at 2 seconds after they have left the house, always expect a walk as soon as dinner is over every night?

How is it possible that this is the first day of Summer break?

Carry on, Citizens!

I Just Voted. It Was Like Going to A Bad Buffet!

I Just Voted. It Was Like Going to A Bad Buffet!

I just voted. I believe in participating in our democracy, but I have to admit I’m feeling pretty disillusioned. A few thoughts on the 2014 election…

1) I just looked at a ballot that was 5 pages long and 2 1/2 had offices where the candidate was running unopposed.

2) Being forced to choose between Republicans and Democrats is like being asked if you want gravy or cheesy hash browns with your dysfunction. Depending on your social issue tastes, either will taste okay, but both will kill you in the end.

3) The time is ripe for a strong 3rd party.

Carry on, Citizens!


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