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It’s been a bit quiet here lately at Carry On, Citizens —only the sound of crickets on this blog.  But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been lots of good things happening in my office aka Godzilla’s Citizen Hideout. Despite sharing a rather smallish office with both a dog and a celebrity reptilian monster, I’ve managed to stay focused enough to get some writing done. And here is the payoff…

Day One in the Blue Office

Bobble Slick and Bobble Mark are calling the play-by-play in my new office. They’re tough critics, but they seem to like where this new story is going. I hope you will like it too. My next book is called Delicious Fiction. I had hoped to have it out last year, but there were incidents. Lawyers called each other and billed people. I stayed out of it, of course.

So, I’m working on some special editions of this new book. One may involve flaming chocolate. I’m just not sure if Amazon will agree to ship it. They have all these crazy rules and safety concerns. Meanwhile, I’m testing burning chocolate books in the backyard.

My step sons are enjoying the you-know-what out of it. My new wife, not so much. She called the minister that married us to see if there was some sort of flaming literary confection clause that would get her out of this thing should the need arise. I’m not worried, though. This book is funny and should sell enough copies to re-seed the back yard.

Carry on, Citizens!

KRAP League Apparel

Kansaska is the second novel from Jeff Stanger. It is set in 1948, and follows the lowly Portis Eskimos who play in the Kansaska Retail Agricultural Products (KRAP) League. Portis hasn’t had a winning season in 19 years. But GM George Bennett only has one season to turn the team around. Otherwise, he can’t marry the owner’s daughter.

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