Released: September 6, 2005
Published by: Blue Trolley Press
Formats: Paperback, Ebook

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Trolley Dodgers

Trolley Dodgers is the hilarious tale of the town of Bloomington, Indiana trying to buy the LA Dodgers. A group of baseball fans and close friends spearhead the effort, along with a Mary Kay sales rep who aspires to be the first female GM in professional sports. Throw in the Future Carnies of America, the Bloomington Vegans, and the Volunteer Librarians of America and you know this is going to be a fun, crazy ride!


Trolley Dodgers was a great read. What makes it so enjoyable is that I can identify with the characters. They’re loveable, regular guys who share a dream that most of us would love to do. I’ve been a baseball fan all my life, so any book having to do with the game intrigues me. This work of fiction almost seems real…quite a feat for a work of fiction. Kudos to the author.”

Chris Cavallari
The Martini Shot

Trolley Dodgers is a story in which readers can’t help but root for the underdog, and it’s that quality that will keep them engaged. — ForeWord Magazine

“The premise seems preposterous at first. The Los Angeles Dodgers are for sale and a media tycoon, Roland Green, is making a bid for it. But reporter Andy Bennett wants his town of Bloomington, Indiana, to buy the Dodgers with everybody pitching in financially, much like the city of Green Bay did to own the Packers. As the townspeople buy into Bennett’s idea, the book’s premise does not seem preposterous any more. Stanger makes a convincing case for Major League Baseball to consider Bloomington’s bid seriously and the quest gathers steam in every chapter…

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Ram Subramanian
Curled Up With A Good Kid’s Book

Trolley Dodgers is the fiction equivalent of a no-harm, lighthearted family movie. Heavy-hitting baseball fans will get a special boot out of the book. The visionary concept of the new Bloomington baseball stadium, as voiced by one of Andy’s pals, makes us giggle – dentists’ chairs behind home plate, a 25-foot limestone left-field wall, urinals with field views and a bifocal magnifying window for senior citizens.Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, IN.

“I love this upbeat story. Wonderful prose and lots of heart and soul.”

Bonnie Hearn Hill, Author

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the galley proof of Trolley Dodgers. You did a great job of incorporating many of Bloomington’s great landmarks and characteristics. It was fun to see my hometown featured so prominently in a novel.”

Jeff Arnett, Former Director of Education
National Baseball Hall of Fame

“The first time I read the book I was on a long flight with my 2 teenage children. We would pass the manuscript from person to person. At one point we were all laughing so hard that I thought the stewardess might have to ask us to be quiet. We cannot wait to see who plays the characters in the movie! The characters are so relatable and your wit is amazing!”

Linda Toupin
, National Sales Director
Mary Kay Inc.

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