Random Questions on a Thursday Afternoon

Random Questions on a Thursday Afternoon

People search for their birth mothers and birth fathers. Does anyone ever search for their birth anesthesiologist? Or the person who pitched the placenta?

Why don’t peace activists protest Star Wars?

Kelly Osborne quit Fashion Police because one of her co-stars made fun of the way another person looks. Isn’t Fashion Police a show about making fun of the way people look?

Would The Who had made it as far if they were called The Huh?

How does a dog, who can’t remember that a relative is not a stranger to be barked at 2 seconds after they have left the house, always expect a walk as soon as dinner is over every night?

How is it possible that this is the first day of Summer break?

Carry on, Citizens!

by Jeff

Jeff Stanger is an author and fundraising consultant as well as the answer to several obscure trivia questions. He writes for food and occasionally for spite. Google+

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