What Richard Branson Could Do With All The Money He Was Going To Pay Led Zeppelin

What Richard Branson Could Do With All The Money He Was Going To Pay Led Zeppelin

If you haven’t heard the news, Sir Richard Branson (mega rich British dude) offered the former members of Led Zeppelin $800 million dollars apiece to reunite and do a 35 city tour. That’s $800 million per member! That’s $3.2 Billion if you’re counting at home. And one guy turned it down: Robert Plant. In fact, the other guys signed the contract but Plant tore it up.

I have so many questions… where to begin?

1) How expensive would tickets have to be? Assuming they played in an average size of 50,000 seat arenas, they would have to charge $1,828.57 per ticket JUST TO PAY THE BAND! That doesn’t even include the roadies, the venue, the marketing, etc.

2) How much is that per song? The average concert lasts between 15 and 20 songs. Assuming they played a full 20 songs for 35 shows, that comes out to $4,571,428.57 per song. Doesn’t matter if you play Going to California or Stairway to heaven. $4.5 million per song.

3) If I had $3.2 billion to pay a band to reunite, who would it be? Nobody! If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t care if you’re band didn’t want to reunite. I might offer the BoDeans a couple of million for the original lineup to rejoin for one show, but that’s about it!

4) Who would I pay that money to NEVER, EVER tour or record another song again? Bieber, the All About the Base chick, and pretty much everyone who has been on American Idol.

Carry on, Citizens!

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