Vacation Breasts

Vacation Breasts

Okay, Americans simply have too much time on their hands. How else can you explain daytime television, the existence of Perez Hilton, and vacation breasts. Yes, that’s what I said, vacation breasts. They are a real thing and if Dr. Norman Rowe has his way, they will be available in 2016. Yep, you can get a temp boob job for weddings, reunions, and your trip to Cabo. He currently offers a 24 hour version which is perfect for confusing the hell out of your dates. You can read all about it here.  No word on what temporary enhancements he’s working on for men.

In the meantime, I’m working on slogans…

What’s Big In Vegas, Doesn’t Stay Big After Vegas.

Vacation Breasts: Peace of Mind When Your Cruise Ship Goes Down.

Vacation Breasts: ‘Cause the Kids Are Staying With Grandma this Trip!

Carry on, Citizens!
photo credit: Timothy Valentine via photopin cc

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