The Conch Adventure: Day 5

The Conch Adventure: Day 5

Yes, I can count. (I misspell things often, but I can count.) This is Day 5. My last post was on Day 3. There were many adventures these past 2 days, and I will try to fill you in. I’ve learned much about the Conch Republic. It is a land of adventure and spectacle. I believe that more research needs to be done here, but alas I must return to Indiana as Mrs. S has business in St. Louis to attend to and I must catch up on the latest adventures of Professor Gizmo. I must also continue the finishing touches on the novel that is coming out next month.

As part of our research, we visited the Little White House. Apparently, you can’t take pictures inside on the outside chance that President Obama or some future president might come here for a visit. No acting president has done so since JFK, but two Truman, Carter, and Clinton visited after leaving office. (Truman wouldn’t stay overnight there when he returned because he felt it wasn’t proper for a past president to stay.) Truman used it as his vacation/secondary White House while in office. I did get this picture of the sign. I highly recommend the tour. Just don’t pick up the “Buck Stops Here” sign on his desk. I’m still recovering from the Secret Service beat down I got from that. The medic said I might walk with a limp for a few months and I randomly shout “hail to the chief” when approached from behind. IMG_1165

I should like to return to the Key West and write more. It is an inspiring place. But inspiring places seem to pop up all over the place when we look with our good eyes. Your good eyes see past the bizarre decor in the picture below and allow your tummy to experience the amazing restaurant inside. This was B.O.’s Fish Wagon. The late lunch we had here yesterday was the finest/freshest fish we had on the island.


In case you had forgotten, this whole adventure came because of a request from Outstanding Citizen Victoria Snoot. We did explore the Conch Republic and I’m happy to report there are Citizens in Key West. As for myself, I was unable to secure and Ambassadorship for myself, but I’ll keep working on it.

Carry on, Citizens!

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