The Conch Adventure: Day 3

The Conch Adventure: Day 3

The day was filled with many ups and downs. I spent the early hours at the home of Ernest Hemingway. It was time well spent as I learned about his four wives —and learned how I should not in any way shape or form feel the need to best him in this endeavor. This was made abundantly clear by Mrs. S. It seems during one of his spats with wife #2, he tossed her his the last penny he had in his pocket after she had spent $20,000 installing a pool while he was away. Not to be upstaged, she had it encased in the concrete next to the pool. Both are shown below.



I also spent some solemn moments admiring his writing studio. 9 of the most productive years in the history of American Literature took place in this room. Inspired, I retreated to my own makeshift writing studio for an afternoon of prose. Nothing that came to me was in the class of A Farewell To Arms, however these lizards were riveted! IMG_1005BNTPGDCCUAA0tSm


Afterwards, I made my way to visit the Secretary General of the Conch Republic to see if he would declare me the Conch Ambassador to Indiana. Unfortunately, he was called away on affairs of state, so I was forced to take reconnaissance photos until I can return. From there, I made my way to a sunset demonstration of military skills from the Conch military. Their use of the water jet pack is unparallelled as they are way ahead of the American Navy. They also have the US Marines bested in the throwing of flaming things while on a 10 foot unicycle. I think this could lead to an arms race.


Carry on, Citizens!

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