Thank God For the Window Seat

planeLast night as I flew out of Kansas City, I thanked God for the window seat. Literally. I didn’t say it because of a crowded plane or a screaming kid or a chatty traveler that I wanted to escape. Nope. I just love the window seat. And since I was on Southwest, I was facing the open seating march of doom. The airport was crowded because of the winter storm heading to KC. Even though I had checked in online 7 minutes after it was possible and nearly 24 hours before the flight, I had a section number of B28. The person behind me claimed to have checked in at 10 that morning and was B29, not sure how that’s possible, but nobody really understands Southwests algorithm. Anyway, if you’ve flown that airline, you know this means the likelihood that you will end up with a dreaded middle seat.

However, there was one left. One window seat in the very back row of the plane was waiting for me. I settled in, very happy to be getting out (the flight had already been delayed). I didn’t relish the idea of being stuck for a few days while the city digs out. All flights for the next day had already been cancelled. I like the window seat because I love to watch the takeoff and landing. I love to see the cities and towns as we fly overhead. I love to create stories in my head of what types of things happen in those little towns.

The aisle may have more leg room. It might let you stand just a few minutes earlier when the plane lands. But you can’t see the world from the aisle. The window lets you see the world. I’ve never seen anything inspiring or uplifting from the aisle. Which brings me back to thanking God for the window seat. As we climbed above the city lights, I said a little prayer of thanks. I think God wants to recognize and appreciate the little things too. And He doesn’t mind us saying thanks for them. I don’t usually talk much about faith and God in this blog, and I promise to write something funny tomorrow. But, I think it’s good to stop and say thanks. To friends. To family. To God.

Carry on, Citizens!

by Jeff

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