Why Does The NCAA Suck at Math & Geography?

math_sYesterday, I took on the weirdness of pro sports teams that move and keep their nicknames (Utah Jazz). Today, I want to warn parents why an investment in higher education might be a very poor one. You see, some of the most prestigious schools in the country suck at math. Let’s take a look.

The Big 10 Conference has 12 teams. Once Maryland and Rutgers join, they will have 14 teams. The Conference is still going to be called the Big 10. 14 does not equal 10. Neither does 12. So, if your son or daughter wants a degree in something that requires math, you might want to cross off these 14 schools.

Unfortunately, the Big 12 isn’t much better. It’s not 12 and it’s not Big. You see, the Big 12 only has 10 teams. That’s 10 more schools you can cross off. Or is it 12?

Geography isn’t so good in the NCAA either. Did you know that Butler University (Indianapolis) is in the same conference in football as the University of San Diego (CA) and Jacksonville University (FL)? The Big East Conference includes such east coast schools as Marquette (Wisconsin), Notre Dame (Indiana), Louisville (Kentucky), and Cincinnati (Ohio). The Atlantic 10 Conference includes these schools that are near the Atlantic Ocean: Butler (Indiana), Dayton (Ohio), Xavier (Ohio), and St. Louis (Missouri). But that’s okay, because the Atlantic Sun conference boasts some near the beach schools as well:  Northern Kentucky, East Tennessee State, and Lipscomb (TN).

Probably the most confusing conference of all is the Great West Conference. It is comprised of Chicago State University, Houston Baptist University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of North Dakota, University of South Dakota, Texas-Pan American and Utah Valley University. I’m pretty sure that New Jersey is still on the East coast, and I’m not sure what makes any of these schools “Great.”

This just goes to prove that sometimes “higher ed” means “lower math and geography.” It’s all too confusing. I need a nap.

Carry on, Citizens!

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