The iDirigible and other Apple Products I Would Like to See

Tech geeks are nearly wetting themselves over the possibility of Apple finally releasing the much rumored Apple TV in 2013. Me? Not so much. I guess, I’m happy for them, but it doesn’t do me much good. I don’t really need another TV. But there are other gadgets and products I would love to see Apple take on, such as:

The iDirigible: Imagine if Apple created an airship! Hipsters swilling coffee and enjoying free internet at 20,000 feet! It could travel from Cupertino to San Francisco at a brisk 42mph —all the while not harming the environment or the Kern Primrose Sphinx Moth.  And what about the iDrigible Mini! Small enough to tether in your back yard, yet fast enough to get to Grandma’s before Christmas (assuming Grandma lives that long). Personally, I can’t wait for the iDirigible. I’m saving up for one.







Of course, we could count on Skin-It or some other mod vender to offer the Steampunk version pictured here:

steampunk-airship-closeupI’m all about the Steampunk iDirigible! I’m saving up for it now! My iDirigible will carry only Citizens and Steampunk fans. Professor Gizmo has already laid claim to riding shotgun, but you can still book a window seat.



Other iProducts I’m looking forward to:

  • The iToilet.
  • The iWisk.
  • The iSnuggie.

Carry on, Citizens!

by Jeff

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