The IU Circus: Comic Relief Supplied by Greenspan and Katz

It’s been a lousy day for IU fans. Our school has been disgraced (again) and a promising basketball season has been derailed by the resignation/termination of Coach Kelvin Sampson. It’s hard to find the silver lining. It’s hard to find anything to smile about. But, that’s my job. So, let me offer for you two comedic gems from today.

First, we have ESPN’s Andy Katz spewing out his standard hack reporting. Hoosier fans will remember 2 years ago during the search for Mike Davis’ replacement, he declared nearly everyone who had ever picked up a basketball as the next coach of the Hoosiers. He always promised it was form his “reliable sources” who were “close to the program.” Unfortunately, there was only one person in America that Katz didn’t predict would be coach: Kelvin Sampson.

Some days, I think Katz just goes to the message board for his “inside sources.” It’s a whole lot easier than doing “actual journalism.” Anyway, I digress. Katz came up with another gem this morning when he reported that his sources told him that AD Rick Greenspan was meeting with IU President Michael McRobbie. I’ll let the Herald Times take it from here:

UPDATE: Here’s an e-mail I received at 10:45 a.m. from H-T Reporter James Boyd about the ESPN report (Katz) that Michael McRobbie and Rick Greenspan are meeting this morning about Sampson. James is in Indianapolis at the same event as McRobbie.

“I’m staring at McRobbie as I type. He’s on a stage listening to the Chinese ambassador. Any reports to the contrary are 100% inaccurate.”

Good work Andy! I hope you’re working on your list of names that WON’T coach at IU. Just for fun, could you add me to the list?

Our second gem came during the press conference that Rick Greenspan gave at 9pm this evening. Some fans won’t be able to laugh at this, given the pain of the last few days. But, I thought the irony was delicious. Keeping in mind why IU is facing NCAA scrutiny in the first place, I’m happy to report that as Greenspan was addressing the media… his cell phone went off.

You can’t make this stuff up people. Unless your Andy Katz.

Carry on, Citizens!

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